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Agnes V. Moricz's journey began with honing her skills in the North-Eastern countryside of Hungary in the confines of her family home.
She underwent rigorous training in Fashion Bags and Accessories Product Design and Innovation at the renowned London College of Fashion of UAL due to her deep-rooted appreciation for craftsmanship, artistry, and unwavering commitment to quality. She firmly believes in the pursuit of novel avenues to channel creativity, leveraging innovation as a powerful force in her endeavors.
Central to her portfolio is her ambitious project, the graphic novel "Sendengan," which embodies all the artistic skills she had dreamt of mastering since childhood. After a three-year journey, the publication and printing of the first book of her graphic novel is in progress,  marking a significant milestone in hervisual storytelling career. Additionally she contributed illustrations to Darla Jane-Gilroy's esteemed Fashion Bags and Accessories book, an experience that further ignited her passion for illustration and accessories.
Her exceptional achievements in the field of design were acknowledged when she was bestowed with the prestigious Award of Excellence from the Livery Company of Curriers in 2019, which later allowed her to gain valuable experience as an Accessories Designer at Mulberry.
Alongside her academic pursuits, Agnes also showcased her remarkable fine art pieces in renowned galleries across London and Glasgow. Her artistic prowess reached even greater heights when her work was featured in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


The Artist

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